A biography of evangelista torricelli

Little information is known about his early years of life. Here his talents and intellect were recognized and he was then moved on to the University of Sapienza, now known as the University of Rome, to be taught by the great Italian professor, Castelli. Over the next nine years he served a large number of professors as a secretary and learned much from each of them. First of all, he invented the barometer, a device that is still used today to measure the amount of atmospheric pressure, which is helpful for detecting inclement weather.

A biography of evangelista torricelli

Torricelli was born to a poor family in and to make matters worse, his father passed away when Torricelli was just a child. The family perceived that Torricelli was a gifted child and so he was given to the care of an uncle who was a Camaldolese monk.

Castelli taught him mathematics, mechanics, hydraulics, and astronomy and in return Torricelli acted as his assistant and secretary. He held this post for six years until Torricelli was greatly inspired by the work of Galileo and he read all of his books.

He was an avid student of astronomy, however he deliberately shifted his focus solely towards mathematics. This was because he wanted to avoid having the same fate as Galileo, who was taken to trial in Rome in for proposing supposedly controversial theories. Torricelli decided that mathematics was a safer choice than astronomy and so he pursued that instead.

Evangelista Torricelli biography

During the time that Torricelli worked for Castelli, Galileo had written a letter to Castelli. This letter was answered by Torricelli instead since Castelli was away from Rome at that time. Galileo was impressed and invited Torricelli to come and work as his assistant.

Torricelli did not immediately accept this; only much later did he go to live with Galileo, which was not for very long since Galileo died three months later. Torricelli accepted, and held this post until his death in One of the biggest and most controversial debates in those days was about the existence of vacuums, a possibility that had been refuted by earlier scientists such as Aristotle.

First Galileo and subsequently Torricelli were of the view that vacuums did in fact exist. Torricelli set up an experiment involving glass tubes filled with mercury as it was denser than water and thus became the first person to create a sustained vacuum.

This led to the invention of the Mercury Barometer, an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. The development of the barometer was a monumental achievement in physics, and it is still widely in use today.

His other areas of interest included geometry, infinite number series, fluid and projectile motion, calculus and mechanics. Torricelli published a number of manuscripts on geometry, physics and astronomy, most of which are preserved in Florence, Italy.

Not only was he a great theoretical scientist, he was also extremely skilled at making lenses and mechanical instruments such as microscopes and telescopes.

Some of these lenses, engraved with his name, are still preserved in Florence. Write About Evangelista Torricelli.Evangelista Torricelli's parents were Gaspare Torricelli and Caterina Angetti. It was a fairly poor family with Gaspare being a textile worker. Evangelista was the eldest of his parents three children, having two younger brothers at least one of whom went on to work with cloth.

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Evangelista Torricelli was born on 15 October in Rome; he invented the barometer in Florence, Italy. The firstborn child of Gaspare Torricelli and Caterina Angetti. His family was from Faenza in the Province of Ravenna, then part of the Papal States.

A biography of evangelista torricelli

His father was a textile worker and the family was very poor. Evangelista Torricelli was a renowned Italian physicist and mathematician who invented the barometer.

A biography of evangelista torricelli

To know more about his childhood, profile, career and timeline read srmvision.com Of Birth: Faenza. In section "Biography; early life" of the text, Evangelista Torricelli is said to be the firstborn child of Gaspare Ruberti and Giacoma (or Jacoba) Torricelli.

In the subsequent section "Career", it is said his mother's name was Caterina Angetti. Evangelista Torricelli was first educated in Jesuit schools in his native Faenza, near Ravenna.

His abilities as a physicist and mathematician were so great that he was sent to Rome for further education under the direction of Benedetto Castelli (), a student of.

Through Castelli. Evangelista Torricelli: Evangelista Torricelli, Italian physicist and mathematician who invented the barometer and whose work in geometry aided in the eventual development of integral calculus.

Inspired by Galileo’s writings, he wrote a treatise on mechanics, De Motu (“Concerning Movement”), which impressed Galileo. In.

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