Behind the make up

Moreover, these changes are taking place across the religious landscape, affecting all regions of the country and many demographic groups. While the drop in Christian affiliation is particularly pronounced among young adults, it is occurring among Americans of all ages.

Behind the make up

Good Luck to all our registered Homebrewers! Quotes "By competing in MTC passionate homebrewers can let their creativity flow without the significant financial risk of starting a brewery.

The Judges Your homebrew entries will be judged by a panel of hand-selected members of the beer industry, professional beer judges, local media personalities, and fans of craft beer.

Check out our growing list of MTC judges below! Eric Hodet Sous Chef at the Worthy Burger and super amateur homebrewer, Eric once boasted unique beers on Untappd in a calendar year!

Mark Bowker Mark is a renaissance man, an expert brewer, a legendary canner, and a certified genius. Adrian Unser Adrian enjoys sharing his love of local and global beer with others through his role as bar manager at Bluebird Barbecue.

General enthusiast with a fondness for the sour.

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He is a cannabis farmer, microbe enthusiast, and lover of delicious beer. Her boss says her newly acquired love of sour beers was bound to emerge based on her wine background. Kirstyn Quinn Kirstyn began her journey in the restaurant industry 15 years ago. She is currently the Brewery Manager at Prohibiton Pig.

Her love of craft beers began at her first brewery job in the Adirondacks and she has been on the hunt for great local beers ever since. They drink a lot of beer there.

Jim Hughes Jim has been a Franklin County prosecutor for 30 years. He is an entrepreneur and connoisseur of fine beer and all things green. However, as a VT native, she's a craft beer enthusiast and a firm believer that you're not drinking alone if you're with your dog. Having enjoyed beer from both the east and west coast scene, he is always open to opportunities to expand his craft brew palate!

Behind the make up

Vinny Petrarca Vinny, Owner of the Blue Stone, is constantly in awe of the ever changing beer movement, and is just happy to be here. Scott Miley Scott came to Vermont for college from the Boston area. During his time in school, he developed a love of Vermont craft beer.

Ever since Scott has explored Vermont for the best beer and trying local craft beer is a must wherever he travels. A lover and a fighter for good causes, he believes that positive change in the world can be made through high-quality beverages.

With over a decade of restaurant experience, she now tends bar at Honey Road Restaurant. Her favorite part of the job is to help people figure out what kinds of flavors they like, and loves making craft beer more approachable for everyone.They create the best mattes and their palettes are so well thought out, the colors just make sense.

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