Child education in india

Share via Email Children at Madanpur Khadar primary school in a district of New Delhi where the three primary schools are woefully short of teachers. The plan now is to get her married. The drinking water tanks are so filthy the pupils bring their own water. Her nine-year-old son has learning disabilities and she has tried and failed to get him into school every year since he was old enough.

Child education in india

In case the Policy Holder dies Death benefit is paid and the policy comes to an end Death benefit is paid and the policy continues as the insurer pays rest of the premiums.

People often remark that the high point of their life has been the birth of their child. Having children and seeing them grow into responsible adults is the dream of every parent.

They have to nurture the child, see to it that he or she imbibes good values, is schooled well, gets good college education and finally stands on his or her own feet to do well in the world.

As parents, it is their duty to see to it that the child is not left wanting for simple pleasures of life.


A good education is probably the single most important thing and the biggest expense in the transformation of a child into a teenager and finally into an adult. And good education does not come cheap. The cost of education has been consistently rising over the years.

Every parent wants his or her offspring to study in the best school and reputed college, take vocational music or sports lessons, and get additional tutoring if required. Parents leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their child gets the best of everything. It is also invariable that the child will get sick from time to time.

In such circumstances, one would want the best medical care given to the child so that he or she can bounce back with vigour and excel in life.

In short, the process of raising a child into confident young adults is a long and arduous one. There are bound to be occasional roadblocks along this journey and one can do justice to parenting only if one is financially secure.

Child education in india

To ensure that this journey is smooth, one needs to have sufficient savings and have to plan finances well in advance. Child plans offered by insurance companies are investment policies that help take care of the future needs of a child.

They offer the twin benefit of insurance and investment. Child plans vary in duration depending on what one has selected at the beginning.

Child Insurance Plans

These plans offer a lump sum amount at maturitywhich can be used for different needs of the child ranging from higher education expenses to expenditure on marriage. The payout received is generally at least 10 times the amount of premium paid over the policy period.

This period is ever more memorable when the parent has planned the finances well to adequately take care of expenses which come with having a child. It is the desire of every parent to give the best possible comfort and luxury to their child.

There are many child plans offered by insurance companies; however, certain things should be considered while choosing the best investment plan for a child. Most child plans offer maturity benefit and start giving payouts at key milestones in life after the child turns 18 years old.

The overall benefit of a child plan is higher if one starts investing early. This tip cannot be stressed enough as most people do not realise that each additional year of investment means a bigger corpus.Child marriage in India has been practiced for centuries, with children married off before their physical and mental maturity.

The problem of child marriage in India remains rooted in a complex matrix of religious traditions, social practices, economic factors and deeply rooted prejudices.

India struggles with the problem of illiteracy because children in many parts of the country still do not have a child centered education and quality schooling system. UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family – and especially children and young people. Child Plan is insurance cum investment plan that serves two purposes - Financially secure your child's future & finance the turning points in his/her life such as higher education and marriage.

Child Plan is insurance cum investment plan that serves two purposes - Financially secure your child's future & finance the turning points in his/her life such as higher education and marriage. SBI Child & Education Plan.

SBI is one of the most trusted state-owned chains of banks in India. It does not require any introduction because the brand itself stands for its reliability and best customer services for several decades. India. Home» India» Overview of Malnutrition Situation in India. Overview of Malnutrition Situation in India.

The data below are from the National Family Healthy Survey (NFHS-3) India National Reports Chapter 10 - Nutrition and Anaemia 48 pages kb Seminar Presentations: Nutritional Status of Adults kb Nutritional Status of Children kb.

Child education in india

pratham education foundation is registered under section 8 of the companies act Child Insurance Plans & Policies: HDFC Life child plan helps you save steadily over the future to best meet your child's education, investment & marriage needs.

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