Double lives in victorian literature essay

Cognitive Flexibility Evolutionists insist that genes constrain and direct human behavior.

Double lives in victorian literature essay

Notes to this WWW edition Numbers in brackets indicate page breaks in the print edition and thus allow users of VW to cite or locate the original page numbers. Text links take you to material not in the original print version. GPL also linked the text to other portions of the Victorian Web.

Clicking on superscript numbers brings you to the top of the left column; hitting the back button on your browser returns you to your place in the body of the main text. A Biography Oxford,pp. The Evolution of Genius Oxford,p. Literary Assessment, Background, and Reference London,p.

The first person as far as I am aware to suggest that Charlotte may have borrowed her pseudonym from Miss Currer was 'the Hon. Whone noted the occurrence of Miss Currer's name among Institute members but did not outline any other relevant points in support of the connexion.

Adopting a surname as a first name was of course a convenient way of concealing a person's sex; after all, the choice of 'proper' Christian names that could have been used by men and women alike was severely limited.

Charlotte's Shirley was given this 'masculine cognomen' in default of heirs male, pioneering it as a first name for women; see E. On phrenology in Charlotte's novels, see Wilfred M. See Frank, A Chainless Soul, p.

Margot Peters's account of Arthur Bell Nicholls's successful attempt at vindicating Ireland, and his own Irish family, in the prejudiced Charlotte's eyes; Unquiet Soul: A Biography of Charlotte Bronte London,p. There are also many references to the Celtic origins of the Rev.

A Quaker and a supporter of women's rights, she was a friend of Mrs Gaskell 's.

Her husband William reviewed Shirley in favourable terms; see Miriam Allott ed. The Critical Heritage London,pp. Shortly afterwards, Mrs Gaskell wrote her initial letter to Charlotte. Viewed against the background of contemporary circumstances, Southey's letter to her 'klingt Eine Biographie Frankfurt, ; I have used the Fischer pocket edition ofwhere the relevant passage occurs on p.

It is hard to apply the term 'great' to Bell after having read the grim verdict on his personal qualities in Meiklejohn's book especially p. They led to the comparatively forward-looking statement, 'Nothing is more astonishing to me than that a virtue so rigidly demanded from woman should be so despised among men'.


Further information on Bell was provided by J. Meiklejohn's An Old Educational Reformer: Andrew Bell Edinburgh and London, Chadwick, Mrs Ellis [sic] H. Dictionary of National Biography Edgeworth, Maria. The Home Life and Letters of Mrs. Ellis, Compiled by Her Nieces. Pictures of Private Life, 2nd ed.

The Daughters of England. The Mothers of England: Gates, Barbara Timm ed.

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Backgrounds to Victorian Literature. The Best of Eliza Acton.

Double lives in victorian literature essay

Aspects and Prospects of Arthur Huntingdon.This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for srmvision.comons and additions are welcome. An affectionate and very funny gallery of twenty great world authors from the pen of "the most subtle and gifted writer in contemporary Spanish literature" (The Boston Globe).In addition to his own busy career as "one of Europe's most intriguing contemporary writers" (TLS), Javier Marías is also the translator into Spanish of works by Hardy, Stevenson, Conrad, Faulkner, Nabokov, and Laurence.

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The Brontë Pseudonyms: A Woman's Image — The Writer and Her Public

(August ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Mentions of the Harry Potter Bibliography "Since , Cornelia Rémi has maintained an up-to-date and marvelously informative website of international scholarship, symposia, sources, [ ] which attests to the ever-growing, worldwide attention being given to this literature and the vast sea of literary productions emerging from that attention.".

Joseph Carroll is my colleague and friend; we have corresponded and read each others’ pre-published work for more than a decade. I reviewed his first book in a substantial essay in Philosophy and Literature and wrote a response to his target article in the journal Style.

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