Employe loyalty in hotel essay

Dependent Variable Is Employee Loyalty Management Essay August 25, No Comments Literature reappraisal is an of import chapter in a thesis where we used to reexamine others work and the information obtained is based on text such as diaries, articles, newspaper, cyberspace and other purposes to reexamine the critical points of current cognition on a peculiar subject. In short, this chapter information obtained is all secondary beginnings.

Employe loyalty in hotel essay

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Employee motivation is important to the competitiveness and success of companies, especially during the current difficult economic conditions. The main reason that managers should motivate workers to give their best efforts towards is because it relates to the organisational outcomes.

Features & Specials Ethical Responsibilities in the Employer-Employee Relationship — Applying Ethical Principles — Ethical principles apply to all aspects of the employer-employee relationship.
Why Employee Loyalty is Important A new social philosophy, neoliberalism, was transforming society, including the nature of employment, and career counsellors and business writers had to respond. The Soviet Union had recently collapsed, and much as communist thinkers had tried to apply Marxist ideas to every aspect of life, triumphant US economic intellectuals raced to implement the ultra-individualist ideals of Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman and other members of the Mont Pelerin Society, far and wide.
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However, motivating workers to do their best at work is not an easy task for managers to do. This is because managers must know factors that can be used to motivate them to do their best or to work hard. However, all companies may have motivation policy that might not satisfy all workers. This is especially true for companies in hospitality segment.

Many small and medium sized hospitality companies in hospitality segment in the UK appear to think that financial related rewards are the main factor that can motivate workers to do their best.

This study aims to investigate employee motivation in small and medium sized pubs and restaurants in the UK. Thus, the main purpose of this chapter is to give information on research aims and research background as well as rationale for conducting this research project.

Research Background There are many hospitality companies in the UK, comprising of larger and small and medium sized organisations.

Also, when compared to small and medium sized companies, large hospitality companies also have more resources like attractive pay packageflexible working time and well-designed career growth and development programmes to attract workers with exceptional skills and experience to join them.

In other words, larger firm are able to give what employees want as they have more resources. Many studies in the past showed that small and medium sized companies in hospitality industry tend to give only the hourly minimum wage to their workers and other additional benefits are given based on what is required by employment law Lewis et al.

However, there is hard evidence from recent studies to show that 'small is beautiful' in terms of employee motivation in hospitality companies Aksu, This is because many small and medium sized and private owned hospitality firms, especially those in the hotel and accommodation segment have been working with large companies before they start their own business.

This enables them to adapt what they have learned from the best people into their business practice. In addition, as compared to larger firms, small and medium sized companies have fewer numbers of workers. This enables them to have a close relationship with workers and this in turn help managers to find out factors that can motivate them to work hard and to gain their commitment Green et al.

Thus, this enables them to implement what they have to attract and retain workers as good as what larger firms can do. In spite of this, many critics suggested that this practice is possible only if the business owner or manager has the right attitude towards human capital Torrington et al.

Some business owners, especially those in hospitality segment, tend only think of making the most out of small investment and this kind of manager will only give what is required by employment law to employees, but not giving them what it needs to make them happy with their job and with the company that they work for.

On the other hand, some business owners of small and medium sized companies in hospitality segment do think of the significance of human assets and they might give them more than the minimum wage and the minimum benefits under the employment law that the company should give to their workers.

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However, financial related rewards are not the best motivation factor that can influence employees to work with their best effort or to influence them to stay with the company.

However, this is rather limited in small and medium sized hospitality firms. This is because many of them only have one or a few branches, while larger hospitality firms may even have international outlets. Thus, many of employees may find decide to leave the company for other firms.

Therefore, as small and medium sized companies have limited resources, especially in terms of financial related rewards to give workers to motivate them to work with their best efforts, it is necessary to find out factors that can be used to influence employees in this type of organisation.

Based on this information, research aims and objectives of this study can be explained below. Research Aim This research project aims to examine the motivation level and factors that can be used to motivate workers in small and medium sized pubs and restaurants in the UK to find out what managers in this type of organisation should do to motivate them to work with their best effort.


Motivating employees to work with their best effort is important to the success of small and medium sized firms as it relates to organisational outcome and operations management.

At the same time, investigating factors that can motivate workers in this type of organisation should also help small and medium sized pubs and restaurants to find out strategies that can help employees in this segment to reduce the rate of staff turnover, or prevent headhunting practice of larger firms.

Research Objectives Research objectives of this study can be explained below. To understand the needs of employees motivation in hospitality companies, focusing on small and medium sized pubs and restaurants 2.Employee Loyalty Words | 15 Pages.

EMPLOYEE LOYALTY Methlife’s 10th annual survey of employee benefits, trends and attitudes, released in March, puts employee loyatlty at a 7-year low. The survey shows one in three employees plan to leave their job by the end of the year.

Motivating employees is thus seen to be a critical task of hotel managers. The dissertation project aims to examine the importance of motivating employees in the hotel industry for the achievement of competitive advantage and the best possible ways and means of doing so.

The Loyalty Effect essays on the relationship between loyalty and profits essay #4 the forces of loyalty vs. chaos. Excellent Dinosaurs Watch out!

Employe loyalty in hotel essay

Chaos seems to have gotten a leg up in its battle against “order” and today’s by the majority of their employees. The study. Survey Of Employees Loyalty Within Hospitality Establishments Business Essay; Tweet. Survey Of Employees Loyalty Within Hospitality Establishments Business Essay.

NAME: Babet Ioana. STUDENT ID: COURSE: BA (Hons) International Hotel Business Management "Employee loyalty can be defined as employees being committed to .

Low-skill employees feel bound principally by benefits, family responsibilities, the difficulty of finding another job, personal friendships with coworkers, loyalty to the company, and simple.

Employee Loyalty towards Organization -A study of Academician Seema Mehta,Tarika Singh, S.S. Bhakar, Brajesh Sinha Prestige institute of Management, Gwalior.

Abstract Fred Reichheld in his book, the loyalty Effect, defines the loyalty as the willingness to make an investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a relationship.

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