Fortune favors the bold essay writer

An open letter about our open submissions period May 10, Earlier this year, uHlanga hosted its first-ever open submissions period for original manuscripts of poetry in South African languages. We received far more submissions that we could have ever imagined, with over poets sending in eligible work. This presented a massive challenge for us. As it stands, uHlanga is solely my personal concern.

Fortune favors the bold essay writer

BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing Lover of design, innovation, elegant solutions and the messy ways to get thereand adventure. Sometime political and geopolitical junkie. Over the years, a lot of college students and young grads have come to me asking how to get a job in international affairs or development.

I, too, was that bushy-tailed graduate once, and over time, I learned — from myself and the travails of those hewing similar paths — that despite the myriad ways people build careers in this field, there are some best practices.

While I applaud those organizations that have opted to pay their interns, the unfortunate fact remains that many perhaps most organizations continue to only offer unpaid internships.

Unfortunately, and especially in DC and New York, supply and demand enables this: Get ready to tighten your belt, sustain yourself on ramen, and get a night job bartending.

I worked as an intern at a top think tank, and found that online job postings for entry-level researchers or program assistants were purely perfunctory; nearly all hiring was done from internal candidates.

Because the organization already knew the quality of their work, their personalities, and they were already trained for the job. Many field jobs in international development require prior field experience. How do you get field experience if jobs require you to already have field experience?

There are a couple of different ways.

fortune favors the bold essay writer

What employers are looking for is real work experience, not classroom time, in another country. That said, what IS good is language proficiency from your time abroad! So what can you do after college to get field experience? In my estimation, the best option is Peace Corps.

I know it might feel like an eternity now, but the first year is all about building trust and learning the language well enough to do your job, and the second year is when the magic happens. You can also volunteer for an organization see 1 about unpaid jobswhich is what I did until I quite literally ran out of money.

I managed to get myself some valuable field experience — though I had to do everything myself, from arrange housing, to paying for my airfare, to buying a sketchy medical plan online, to teaching myself the local language.

I loved my experience, but also would have appreciated the kind of support that Peace Corps provides. A note about volunteering. So if you want to do it for personal growth, cool, but if you are doing it to get field experience under your belt, save your money and do something else.

Traveling overseas is a huge privilege. For those unable to travel, there are plenty of organizations domestically that have an international bent, with whom you can get valuable experience.

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For example, the International Rescue Committee has a great program for newly-arrived refugees. Volunteers help teach them the fundamentals of living in the U. The UN will always be there. You may think that you know how food aid works, but until you see what that looks like deep in rural Tanzania, all you know is theory.

Grad schools understand this. They want the coolest, most interesting people with real world experience who can create a dynamic class.Fortune Favors the Bold: Inside the September Issue of Writer’s Digest On a whim, I submitted the full piece to a major venue.

Not only did they purchase the essay, but to my surprise it went viral, provoking waves of reader comments. Not even a decade later, I’m the editor-in-chief of Writer’s Digest. To be bold in your.

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fortune favors the bold essay writer

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