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This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This book Klj l bkjlk not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit. The use of short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged.

Permission will be granted upon request. Take note that the name satan and related names are not capitalized. We choose not to acknowledge him, even to the point of violating grammatical rules.

For more information on foreign distributors, call Or reach us on the Internet: Her tireless efforts, love, and prayer are an invaluable part of our ministry. Chapter One Music, Angels, and Lucifer.

Chapter Two Music and Satan. Chapter Three Music and Its Importance. Chapter Four Music and the Presence of God. Chapter Five Music and the Prophetic. Chapter Six Music in War. Chapter Seven Music and Healing. Chapter Eight Music and Exorcism.

Chapter Ten Music, Restoration, and Revival. Chapter Eleven Music in Heaven.

Klj l bkjlk

Chapter Twelve Music and Praise. This book is packed with Scripture and concepts about music that the Church needs.

Very simply, God is the creator of all things, and He intends for the Church to give light and leadership to the world. We as the Body of Christ can no longer allow the world to dictate the trends of music, but we must instead offer music that is unparalleled in power because of the creative power of God that dwells in us.

Charging ahead go the shock troops of his army, the myriads of musicians of this day. The Publisher x Chapter One Music, Angels, and Lucifer Long before God made man or even formed the earth, as we know it today, He created an angel in the Third Heaven, giving him the ability to play music.

In fact, this angel was made with instruments of music built into his body. He was a special celestial being—an archangel.

No cherub or seraph was allowed to be closer to the throne of God than he. Only two other angels in Heaven came close to his position of authority and responsibility. These were the archangels, Michael and Gabriel. Power Angels Michael, a warrior and a protector, fought the principality called the Prince of Persia who opposed Daniel and his prayers.B_firstname: ljkhljkh C_lastname: ljkhljkh D_street: ljkhlkjh jkhkljh E_city: hjgfjhg F_state: NJ G_zip: I_homephone: K_email: [email protected] M_comp_exp: less than N_int_exp: less than three USCitizen: ON Remote Name: Remote User: HTTP User Agent: Mozilla/ (compatible; MSIE ; Windows NT ;.NET CLR ).

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