The south china tiger essay

During the s, it was estimated that there were well over 4, South China Tigers living in the wild. These numbers have dropped dramatically, with many estimating that only twenty remain outside of captivity. In fact, there have been no sighting by any biologist or official in the wild in the last twenty-five years. It is possible that there are no longer tigers outside of captivity.

The south china tiger essay

The males of this subspecies reach a length of around inches cm between the pegs, while the females can grow up to inches cm between the pegs. Males tigers weigh between and lbs kgand the females between and lbs kg. They have black stripes on an orange background, undersides are white, as are the insides of the legs and parts of the face.

Male South China tigers are larger than females. Habitat They live in temperate upland forests of Southern China. South China Tiger Behavior South China tigers are solitary predators, except for mating pairs and mothers with cubs.

They stalk their prey from the side or back, creeping up to a very close distance before making the final charge. Once they catch their prey, they often drag it to cover before consuming it. They are nocturnal, being at their most active at night and resting during the day. They love to be in the water and are excellent swimmers.

Life-cycle Newborn cubs are blind and weigh 1. They are weaned at 8 weeks and taught to hunt when they reach 6 months of age.

They separate from the mother when they reach an age of 1. Males reach sexual maturity when they are 5 years old and female reach the stage when they are 4. Scent marking and tree scratching are other methods of communication used.

Diet Ungulates form the bulk of their diet.


Muntjac, hog deer, wild pig are frequently hunted for food. Because of human encroachment into their territory, they sometimes take livestock.

South China Tiger Essay :

The skin coloration helps them blend in with the forest, effectively becoming invisible to their prey. Retractable claws help them to hold on to their prey as they deliver a fatal bite. Strong hind legs help them to swim, leap, and run. They can reach speeds of up to 60 miles an hour but can only retain in for short bursts.

They have minute backward curved structures in their tongue called papillae which help them lick meat off a carcass down to the bone. Predators Being the apex predator in its habitat, the South China tiger does not have any natural predators.South China Tiger Panthera tigris amoyensis Introduction to South China Tiger.

The south china tiger essay

The South China Tiger is considered to be the one closest to the origins of all the subspecies. It is also the most distinctive of all the different tiger subspecies. The South China Tiger is the smallest subspecies of tiger and currently one of the most critically endangered.

During the s, it was estimated that there were well over 4, South China Tigers living in .

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THE SOUTH CHINA TIGER. The South China tiger is the smallest of all the tiger subspecies, and it is the most critically endangered. Little is know about their exact numbers in the wild, but some estimates would put the number at under 20 tigers.

The South China Tiger is one of the smallest species of tigers. It is also the one of the most threatened by extinction. If hostile conditions continue, the tiger may become . The South China Tiger Essay Words | 4 Pages.

South China Tiger As a result of “the South China Tiger [being] one of the most endangered tiger subspecies in the world” (State Forestry Administration, ) China implemented the China Action Plan For Saving the South China Tiger.

South China Tiger: an Endangered Species