The way we speak reveal who we are is it true

Kay Green Over the past 15 years, the world as we know it has been taken by storm through the onset of social media. According to Comscore about 90 percent of U.

The way we speak reveal who we are is it true

Share via Email We rely on just function words for half our daily speech Photograph: All was going well for Gordon Brown until he tripped up. He secretly thinks he really has saved the world, everyone concluded. Anything Brown said next would be forgotten.

The way we speak reveal who we are is it true

Sigmund Freud believed that some slips of the tongue are caused by the subconscious mind: These "Freudian slips" were perhaps one of the earliest psychological explorations into what speech reveals about us: Speaking in code While Freud is celebrated for pioneering the talking cure, it is others, many from outside the field of psychology, who have made significant contributions to the study of human communication.

It was linguist Ferdinand de Saussure's Course in General Linguistics, published posthumously inthat familiarised the study of language as a formal system made up of linguistic signs, the signifier, the signified and the referent.

Another model of communication was developed in the late s by two US telephone engineers. Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver were interested in finding a way for communication channels to work more efficiently and so developed the Shannon and Weaver model, depicting communication as messages that are passed between people as a linear process, starting with an information source the speaker at one end, passing the message along a channel conversation, by phone or fax, for example to a destination the listener.

While this model may sound obvious, it is of significant value to psychologists who use it to talk in quantitative terms about each stage of the process, setting up experiments accordingly. Shannon-Weaver is an important model, however, it merely depicts language as a code comprising words and phrases; it cannot capture the true complexity of human communication.

The way we speak reveal who we are is it true

Conversation is always a two-way street, where each of us must try to listen as much as we speak: There is ambiguity and misunderstanding to overcome too. Language philosophers put forward an intentionalist view of language that, unlike Shannon and Weaver's model, acknowledged that a word or phrase can take on a variety of different meanings, making any message potentially ambiguous.

So, depending on the speaker's intention: It's not just what we say, it's how we say something that tells our story.

Our opinions of others are based in part on how they sound. No wonder then that some politicians, most famously Margaret Thatcher, opt for elocution lessons to help lose an accent or lower their tone for added gravitas.

While most of us could confidently identify a person's gender by their voice, psychologists have proven that voices can reveal much more than that.

Professor Robert Krauss of Columbia University's Human Communication Lab randomly stopped people in Central Park and asked them to read test sentences that were recorded on to tape.

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Back in the lab, another group was asked to guess each speaker's height, weight, age and gender. Everyone guessed gender correctly, and performed well on every other category, Krauss explains, with the exception of estimating women's weight.

He is still unsure why. Breaking it down Today the study of verbal psychology is entering a new era; one in which computer programmes are able to unravel our subconscious so forensically it would make Freud blush. This programme can analyse millions of text files, computing the number of pronouns, adjectives, words about emotions, work, inhibition and so on.

His analysis has revealed that women tend to use more pronouns - such as "I", "we" or "you" - and refer to others more than men, who are more likely to use longer words, articles and prepositions.


Meanwhile, older people tend to refer to themselves less often, use more positive emotion words, more future tense verbs and fewer past tense verbs. Our language even gives our status away. The fewer emotion words and first person singular pronouns we use, the higher our social class.

Pennebaker has discovered that our word choice reveals more about us than we think.

Catherine Jones on what language reveals about us | Life and style | The Guardian

But rather than focussing on conspicuous phrases or unintentional slips, he looks at function words. These include pronouns, prepositions and articles such as "I", "you", "to", "of", "on" or "that". The average vocabulary of a native English speaker iswords, yet we rely on just function words for half our daily speech.

While we may consciously pick up that someone sounds depressed, insincere or arrogant, it has taken a computer programme to reveal that this is in part down to whether that person relies on certain pronouns, Pennebaker explains.Without these influences. to the way the world perceives because of the languages we speak.

the course we take in life would be remarkably different.

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of course. Print. Ngugi W. Thiong¶o. Oct 06,  · The way we dress does have an impact on how we are viewed and categorized in society. Whether we are at work, school, the mall, or simply taking a stroll in the park, we are judged because of our clothing.

The Way We Speak Reveal Who We Are Is It True. Djacson St. Vil 7/2/10 Essay Assignment 1 Prep for College Writing Who are we?This may come as a surprise to you, but what you actually believe to be your own personality is a combination of other organisms that you may come into contact with.

From developing relationships . The way we write and speak can reveal volumes about our identity and character. Here is a sampling of the many variables that can be detected in our use of style-related words such as pronouns and.

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The way we speak in normal conversation, formal presentations, and meetings contributes to people’s perceptions about our professionalism, education, and competence.

While speech and public. Apr 05,  · The way we speak reveals what we this true.? Send me some points to write an essay. Follow. 2 answers 2. So your essay could address the two characteristics of how we speak (degree of kindness and degree of complexity), and then mention the exceptions that can misrepresent our true nature.

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