Thesis statment special education

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Thesis statment special education

Published on March 2nd, by david-milne Did man really walk on the Moon??? Did man really walk on the Moon or was it the ultimate camera trick, asks David Milne? The greater lunar lie.

Thesis statment special education

In the early hours of May 16,after a week spent watching old video footage of man on the Moon, a thought was turning into an obsession in the mind of Ralph Rene. He started investigating the Apollo Moon landings, scouring every NASA film, photo and report with a growing sense of wonder, until finally reaching an awesome conclusion: America had never put a man on the Moon.

The giant leap for mankind was fake.

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The story lifts off in with Russia firing Yuri Gagarin into space, leaving a panicked America trailing in the space race. At an emergency meeting of Congress, President Kennedy proposed the ultimate face saver, put a man on the Moon. With an impassioned speech he secured the plan an unbelievable 40 billion dollars.

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And so, says Rene and a growing number of astro-physicists are beginning to agree with himthe great Moon hoax was born. Between andseven Apollo ships headed to the Moon.

Six claim to have made it, with the ill fated Apollo 13—whose oxygen tanks apparently exploded halfway—being the only casualties. But with the exception of the known rocks, which could have been easily mocked up in a lab, the photographs and film footage are the only proof that the Eagle ever landed.

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For a start, he says, the TV footage was hopeless. The world tuned in to watch what looked like two blurred white ghosts gambol threw rocks and dust.

Part of the reason for the low quality was that, strangely, NASA provided no direct link up. By contrast, the still photos were stunning. The astronauts took thousands of pictures, each one perfectly exposed and sharply focused.

Not one was badly composed or even blurred. The cameras had no white meters or view finders. So the astronauts achieved this feat without being able to see what they were doing. Their film stock was unaffected by the intense peaks and powerful cosmic radiation on the Moon, conditions that should have made it useless.

They managed to adjust their cameras, change film and swap filters in pressurized clubs. It should have been almost impossible to bend their fingers. Award winning British photographer David Persey is convinced the pictures are fake. His astonishing findings are explained alongside the pictures on these pages, but the basic points are as follows: The shadows could only have been created with multiple light sources and, in particular, powerful spotlights.

But the only light source on the Moon was the sun. Not one still picture matches the film footage, yet NASA claims both were shot at the same time.

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The pictures are so perfect, each one would have taken a slick advertising agency hours to put them together. But the astronauts managed it repeatedly. And, asks Rene, why would anyone fake pictures of an event that actually happened? Outer space is awash with deadly radiation that emanates from solar flares firing out from the sun.The thunder-and-lightning example seems like a bad comparison for this kind of situation, in that the false claim is (1) easily observable to be untrue, and (2) utterly useless to the society that propagates it.

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Aug 12,  · In July , Man first walked on the Moon. Over the course of three more years, we did it five more times.

Despite the return of hundreds of kilos . My last full time job was leading a team of designers for a web agency. I used to hire a lot of freelancers when we had more work than our staff could handle.

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