Tiffany company 1993 case

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Tiffany company 1993 case

Buy yen put option: An alternative would be to buy the Yen put option. The key difference in forward contract and put option is that forward contract gives the holder obligation to sell or buy at a certain price and certain date.

Whereas on the other hand, the put option gives the holder right to buy or sell yen at Tiffany company 1993 case pre-determined price and specified time-period. The put option gives Tiffany right, not the obligation to sell yen to the counter party at predetermine price in the future.

A put option gives the holder a right to sell the foreign currency. If yen falls, a put option would gain in value. It would be an effective risk management tool for Tiffany. One advantage of put option over forward contract is that, the amount of loss is limited to the premium of the option.

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According to exhibit 8 c strike prices of put option exchange rate are given and premium prices are also given. These two hedging strategies will help Tiffany to minimize the exchange rate.

Since Tiffany is a multinational company, the exchange rate significantly effects on its financial performance. Therefore, initiating a risk management program would be a very appropriate option for the company.

While using these two strategies, Tiffany will be able to increase their planning capability. Along with that, hedging will help the company increase its value. If the value of firm increases, it will mean a reduction in expected cash flow resulting from unexpected exchange rate changes.

Therefore, there is still some uncertainty about yen crashin. Therefore, put option for Tiffany would be more appropriate. If Yen stays strong, then Tiffany can still maintain the upside gain.

It would be more appropriate for Tiffany; the option will be exercised at Tiffany will gain after subtracting the premium price from the strike price. Tiffany can gain from this situation by not exercising this option.

The buyer of put option can never lose more than the premium; loss under this option is limited.

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SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS:In July Tiffany & Company made a new retailing agreement with its Japanesedistributor Mitsukoshi Ltd. Tiffany & Co.–, Spreadsheet Supplement by W. Carl Kester, Kendall Backstrand Toy World, Inc., Spreadsheet Supplement by W.

Carl Kester Pinkerton (A), Spreadsheet Supplement by . The restructuring of Tiffanys retailing agreement with Mitsukoshi Ltd.

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Tiffany company 1993 case

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