Unitasker writing a book

All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. In this article, I offer 10 steps for writing a book along with 10 bonus steps.

Unitasker writing a book

Fiction means more than just making up a story. Your details and logic and technical and historical details must be right for your novel to be believable. The last thing you want is even a small mistake due to your lack of proper research. Your credibility as an author and an expert hinges on creating trust with your reader.

That dissolves in a hurry if you commit an error.

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My favorite research resources are: These alone list almost everything you need for accurate prose: For my novels, I often use these to come up with ethnically accurate character names.

Start calling yourself a writer. Want to download this step guide so you can read it whenever you wish? Talk back to yourself if you must. It may sound silly, but acknowledging yourself as a writer can give you the confidence to keep going and finish your book.

Are you a writer? The Writing Itself Every decision you make about your manuscript must be run through this filter. Not you-first, not book-first, not editor- agent- or publisher-first. Certainly not your inner circle- or critics-first.

Reader-first, last, and always. If every decision is based on the idea of reader-first, all those others benefit anyway. When fans tell me they were moved by one of my books, I think back to this adage and am grateful I maintained that posture during the writing.

Does a scene bore you? Where to go, what to say, what to write next? Decide based on the reader as your priority. Whatever will intrigue him, move him, keep him reading, those are your marching orders. So, naturally, you need to know your reader.

When in doubt, look in the mirror. The surest way to please your reader is to please yourself. Write what you would want to read and trust there is a broad readership out there that agrees.

Find your writing voice. Discovering your voice is nowhere near as complicated as some make it out to be. You can find yours by answering these quick questions:The Unitasker: I was so distracted – by the internet, by my cell phone, by snacks beckoning from the kitchen – that I was four months behind deadline in writing this book.

So I became the Unitasker. His writing is witty, organized - his notes in the back of the book are as good to read as the actual stories themselves - and he's hilarious as hell.

When you are actually able to laugh out loud at a sentence, or read a paragraph to your spouse, then you know you're reading something good!/5().

To mix things up, this week we’re going to have a little fun. I’ll present the unitasker selection, and then you all write the commentary in the comments section. Next week, I’ll announce my favorite at the end of the Unitasker Wednesday post on the 16th and send a signed copy of my book — Unclutter Your Life in One Week — to that person.

Yes, people outside the U.S. can participate. It took me about 1, miles to write my last book. The Treadmill Desk has become increasingly trendy – and increasingly mocked, as in this funny backlash article in the New Republic.

Chapter One The Unitasker I’m writing this chapter with the stereo silent. The TV black. The room dark. The pinging of the e-mails silenced.

unitasker writing a book

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