Vission mission and nursing philosophy

Educate visionary nurse leaders and scholars Generate and apply knowledge Transform nursing, health, and systems of health care within the local and global community Our Vision To promote optimal health and wellness for all by creating, changing, and leading through innovative teaching, discovery, nursing practice, and social action in our local and global communities. We achieve outcomes that are significant and distinctive with persistent commitment to high quality. We embrace community, partnerships, mentoring, and diverse perspectives. We treat all with respect and dignity.

Vission mission and nursing philosophy

Vision Statement Fairmont State University aspires to be nationally recognized as a model for accessible learner-centered institutions that promote student success by providing comprehensive education and excellent teaching, flexible learning environments, and superior services. Graduates will have the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary for intellectual growth, full and participatory citizenship, employability, and entrepreneurship in a changing environment.

Vission mission and nursing philosophy

Philosophy And Objectives Fairmont State University considers its broad objective to be the education of its students as intelligent and productive persons, capable of participating in and understanding the world of the twenty-first century.

Accordingly, the University seeks to provide a suitable environment for free and responsible inquiry into the nature, sources and implications of human knowledge and culture, and it challenges students to promote their own intellectual, social, and personal development.

The University faculty serves this objective by guiding students in acquiring knowledge and by maintaining a dialogue with them.

The University fully supports the ideal of a well-educated society and upholds the academic freedom of its faculty and students, confident that the best interests of the community are served when the search for truth is imaginative and vigorous.

The University follows a liberal policy of student admissions and believes that it can help highly-motivated students to overcome many challenges in their academic preparation.

Because its academic standards are high, the Fairmont State University degree represents a level of achievement respected throughout the nation.

The University has a traditional interest in preparing teachers for public schools in West Virginia, as well as in other states. Recognizing the importance of able teachers to a progressive society, it requires outstanding academic performance of its teacher candidates and offers them sound professional training for elementary and secondary teaching.

Drawing many students from its immediate vicinity, the University welcomes the enthusiastic support it receives from Fairmont and surrounding areas. In return it participates actively in community projects, shares its programs and facilities with the public and serves the community as a center of information and culture.

This mission is accomplished by meeting these objectives:Strategic Plan - Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Objectives. Mission, Vision, Philosophy and The Mission of Fairmont State University is to provide. Nursing Mission, Vision, Philosophy & Values. Values Extraordinary Compassion, Courage, Integrity, in every situation!

Mission Provide science-based, technologically precise, compassionately delivered patient care. Vision The highest quality of patient care provided through the advancement of . Mission. To partner with patients, families, the health care team, and one another in providing compassionate, innovative, and expert nursing care as we contribute to .

Mission Vision & Philosophy. Share this. Staying true to what we believe. UCLA Health is an academic medical center that has a partnership with the UCLA School of Medicine and UCLA School of Nursing to support the mission for research and education; to provide leading-edge patient care.

Vission mission and nursing philosophy

Mission, Vision, Values, A mission statement explains the company's core purpose and “Philosophy of nursing education is the written statement of the. Vision, Mission and Nursing Philosophy Mercedes Condom RN University of Phoenix NUR 10/13/ Every health care organization in the United Stated has a mission statement and a vision.

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